Sanitary Services

This is the provision of a complete hygiene care in the ladies washroom that solves the problem of the disposal of sanitary pads/tampons and ensures cleanliness. It is  a  requirement  that  female  washrooms  have suitable means for  feminine  hygiene disposal, hence  avoiding  flushing feminine hygiene products down the toilet polluting rivers, coastline and blocking drains.

We offer an extensive range of highly fashionable sleek looking slim line disposal units called Sanibins designed to fit into the toilet cubicle from standard hand operated, foot pedal operated to no touch operated Sanibins.

Soiled dressings are quickly rendered innocuous by the sterilizing vapour in the unit.  The Sanibin service is efficient, non-mechanical, discreet, easy to use, space efficient, hygienic and requires no maintenance from you the customer. This reflects a caring organization.  Normal service is provided on a monthly basis 12x per annum but may be offered frequently or infrequently dependent on your needs.

We offer the service in both domestic (at homes and functions) and commercial environs.