Our Services

Home Spring Cleaning

Ecorays’ professional house cleaning service pays keen attention to every corner and cranny in your home ensuring no gap is left untouched.

Commercial Propery Cleaning

Ecoray provides high-quality commercial property cleaning services on a contractual and one-off basis to commercial buildings, industries, factories, and warehouses.

Detailed Car Cleaning

Your proudest moment must have been when you purchased that brand new car. Ecorays’ specialty is in bringing your vehicle back to showroom look with our custom detailing services.

Office Suites Cleaning

Office suites cleaning services and commercial cleaning are at the heart of our business. A clean, pleasant and healthy environment is an important consideration for a productive and happy workforce when determining their job satisfaction

Sanitary Services

This is the provision of a complete hygiene care in the ladies washroom that solves the problem of the disposal of sanitary pads/tampons and ensures cleanliness.

Fumigation & Pest Control

Fumigation is the most effective technique used for controlling pests. Ecoray Home, School and Office Fumigation and Pest control is very effective in getting rid of roaches’, bedbugs, termites, rats and snakes among others.

Support Services

Ecoray cleaning services is also experienced in outsourced support services which include: Secretarial, Messengerial, Tea girl services, e.t.c

Post Construction Services

Whether you are rebuilding or remodeling the spaces that you live, work or play in, it is important for the space to be clean for ongoing construction, inspection, final presentation, lease or sale.